How to demonstrate why we social distance to your kids….

Here is a fun way to demonstrate how germs can spread via droplet particles.  Go outside on a cool day, one in which you will see your breath.  Each of you should take a deep breath in and out.  Look at the water vapor in the air.  Tell them, “sometimes germs live in our breath and look how far they can travel”.  Now you you both should cough and or sneeze and look at the difference in distance the water vapor travels.  Explain this is why we need to keep six feet from other.  Draw out six feet and try to have your kids cough and get the water vapor to travel that far.  Now have them cough onto a mirror.  Let them see the water droplets settle.  Tell them, “see, the germs are now on the mirror.”  Tell them, “If you touch the mirror, they’ll be on your hand unless someone has cleaned this surface first.  So, if we touch the mirror and it is not clean our hands will now be dirty.  That is why we need to wash our hands before eating and touching our faces.  We don’t want to invite those germs into our body through our eyes and mouth”.  And finally, have you and your child cough into your elbows.  Ask them, “see what happens when we cover our coughs? The germs have no where to travel!”  Stay healthy!

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