This year has been unprecedented in the 40 years that SWP has been serving the community. The recent rapid increase in the number of COVID cases has raised may questions from you, our patients and families. We continue to have in place all the necessary safety measures needed to keep you and our staff safe. We are grateful for your cooperation and patience. In this video, I will answer some frequently asked questions. We hope this will help guide you but as you know, our well trained and experienced staff are here to answer your questions and as your physicians, we are here for you for in person appointments or televisits.


What is the difference between rapid antigen and PCR?

The rapid antigen test has a faster turn around time but it not as sensitive and not recommended for asymptomatic patients.

Where can I go for testing?

The Illinois Department of Public Health website will have locations for the closest testing site in your area:

How soon should I get tested after exposure?

With symptoms : within 5 to 7 days of symptoms starting
Without symptoms : on Day 4 to 7 after exposure

If parents are positive, should kids get tested?

This is situation dependent and we recommend making a televisit appointment for recommendations specific for your situation.

Parent is exposed to a confirmed case and child has respiratory symptoms, should the child be tested?

The parent can get tested and the child should quarantine until test results known. We do not recommend testing for indirect exposure.

What if my child has respiratory symptoms but no known exposure?

We recommend that you schedule an office appointment or a televisit. The triage nurse can help you determine whether you need to be seen in the office.

We will continue to offer testing for other illness: such as strep, influenza and RSV.

What happens after I get a test result?

A provider will discuss the test results with you and give you specific guidance on isolation and quarantine. This may be in person after your test results are complete or as a televisit later in the day.

Isolation versus quarantine

What should I do if my child exposed to a confirmed case who is a close contact?

  • They must quarantine if asymptomatic or get tested within Day 5 to 7 of symptoms.
  • We recommend that the child stay home if the child has symptoms.
  • The child must quarantine until test result is known and has no symptoms and has no continuous exposure to the confirmed case.

What if the parent is exposed to a confirmed case, does the child have to quarantine?

There are no specific recommnedations for indirect exposure but the parent who had direct exposure must quarantine or get tested and isolate if becomes symptomatic.

Coming into the Office

Our triage nurses will give you specific instructions if needed prior to coming into the office. We ask that if possible only one parent and the child come to the visit. We ask that you and children > 2 years old wear a mask. We will take everyone’s temperature upon arrival at the office.

How do I get my child with asthma seen?

The triage RN will give you instructions on use of your child’s inhaler or nebulizer prior to arriving to the office. You should make sure you have a current asthma action plan and that your medications are not expired.


If needed, our triage nurses will direct you to do a televisit with a provider.

Will Southwest Pediatrics offer COVID-19 vaccinations?

Yes!  We are happy to announce that starting in June 2021 we will be offering Pfizer’s 2 step COVID-19 vaccine to all persons 12 years and older.  Currently, we will be offering them as a clinic and not part of wellness visits.  Call the office today to schedule!