How much Tummy Time is too much?

Let’s start by staying Back to Sleep is important. Your infant should always be placed on his or her back when is not being directly observed by an adult. By placing your infant Back to Sleep, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has been reduced by 70%. Nevertheless, Tummy Time is developmentally import for your infant and can start in the hospital shortly after birth. Tummy time includes chest to chest bonding, as well as placing your infant on a firm surface. Make sure the surface does not have any fluffy blankets or pillows nearby to prevent accidental suffocation. Tummy time can improve gas and digestion and will strengthen the neck muscles, arm muscles and core muscles helping your infant roll, sit and eventually walk. Early and frequent tummy time will also improve head shape preventing positional plagiocephaly (flat spots on the head). For more information on back to sleep please check out: For more information on Tummy time please see:

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