How to wear a face mask…

A face mask or covering fits correctly if it covers the wearer’s nose and mouth, lays flat against the wearer’s cheeks and stays in place while talking.  Remember the purpose of the mask it to catch water droplets that can be spread while breathing or talking.  So wearing a mask below the nose or under the chin defeats the purpose of wearing the mask in the first place! Frequently, movement of the mask or covering occurs because it is the wrong size.  Simple fixes can include tying the ear loops tighter or securing them behind the head with a clip.

Remember… put on the mask with clean hands; adjust it only from ear loops; or ties and avoid touching the front of the mask once wearing it (it is dirty).  When you no longer need it, take it off completely and store it in a bag (ideally paper).  Also, everyone should have their own masks.  Do not share masks unless they have been cleaned.  Cloth masks should be washed daily.  Disposable (surgical masks) can be reused by the same person but should be allowed to dry out at lease overnight in a paper bag. Do not use a mask that has either become wet or appears dirty. And please do not spray masks with bleach or alcohol (it can break down the fibers).

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