Is any TV or Media good for your baby?

Previously, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) would have said no. And now the answer is maybe… Recently the AAP, updated its guidelines for media exposure in infants (children < two years). The AAP has found that media can be a useful tool. Facetime with parents and or grandparents may be beneficial in fostering bonds when the parent or grandparent is not local. Interactive e-books and apps can help foster language, such as teaching letters and colors and numbers as long as the parent or caregiver participates in the activity. And media may provide a distraction from painful procedures or stressful situations, however the AAP recommends against use of media to keep your child entertained as it still is important that your child learn to self soothe and not be a ‘shut-up toy’. At this point, no TV show is recommended for children under age 2. It is important that while media can foster learning, it does not replace learning to hold a pen, tell a story, turn a page or other fine and gross motor skills. For developmentally appropriate activities for your child please visit . Tips for useful media use for your baby and your teenager can be found here ; and .

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